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The Site

Formerly herfreereads.wordpress.com, this blog was originally conceived as a book review blog for ebooks that could be obtained legally for free. This eventually started to feel like a chore as there is a lot of free ebooks out there, the vast majority of them aren't fantastic. However, I still like the name and am keeping it.


I'm an early 30 something stay-at-home mom-slash-very part time amusement park cashier with two kids (ages 10 and 4) and an awesome husband. I've worn a few hats including dog bather, receptionist, infomercial call jockey, nursing home waitress, and amusement park game runner.
And yes, that makes my life sound way more interesting than it actually is.

I have several hobbies including; reading (duh), knitting/crochet/sewing, gaming, binge watching  tv shows, and old movies.

You may call me Shannon.

The Reviews

I'm getting back into book blogging after a 2 year hiatus. I'm a bit rusty.
This is a work in progress, please bear with me.

All reviews will contain:
-Picture of the cover.
-Summary (from either goodreads or the author's official site - clearly labeled)
-Thoughts - the actual review (however small or large)
-Verdict - my rating and general feelings about the book.

There may be some extra stuff added in:
-Bit of Background: How I came across the book or why I requested it.
-Minor Quibble/s: Something that bothers me about the book, but doesn't actually affect my rating of the book.
-About the Author: Only include if the summary of the book isn't long enough or if personally requested.

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