Classics Club

I've been wanting to really get into reading "the classics" for years. I came across The Classics Club and decided this would be the perfect motivation!

I have chosen 55 books to be read over the course of 5 years. (Goal Date: April 13, 2019)

Making this list is not as easy as I thought it would be. It took me over a week to complete and I'm not sure it's really finished. I started off with around 100 books. I wanted to stick with a firm 50, but ended up settling on 55 because there were a few books I really just wanted to include on here. 55 allows for one book per month, with a 1 month grace period each year.

Note: The date next to the book reflects the date I completed reading it, not the date reviewed.

Bonus Goals
-Currently postponed, but possibly will pick it back up again.
-Parental: (p) For books aimed at children, I want to give a parent review, in addition to a regular one. If I can get the daughter to read the book as well, include her own review.
-Movie/TV: (m) For books where there is a visual adaptation (most of them), I would also like to do a review of that as well. 

(This list may change over time.)

  • Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women
  • Austen, Jane – Emma
  • Baum, L. Frank – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
  • Bennett, Arnold – The Grand Babylon Hotel
  • Brontë, Anne – Agnes Grey
  • Brontë, Charlotte – Villette
  • Brontë, Emily – Wuthering Heights
  • Burnett, Frances Hodgson – The Secret Garden (07/14/2014)
  • Capote, Truman – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (06/08/2014)
  • Carroll, Lewis – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Cather, Willa – O Pioneers!
  • Chesterton, G. K. – The Innocence of Father Brown
  • Christie, Agatha – And Then There Were None
  • Collins, Wilkie – The Woman in White
  • de Laclos, Pierre Choderlos – Dangerous Liaisons
  • DeFoe, Daniel – Moll Flanders
  • Dickens, Charles – Great Expectations
  • Dostoevsky, Fyodor – Crime and Punishment
  • Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan – Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Dumas, Alexandre – The Three Musketeers
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott – The Great Gatsby
  • Forster, E. M. – A Room With a View
  • Galsworthy, John – The Man of Property
  • Gaskell, Elizabeth – North and South
  • Hardy, Thomas – Tess of the D'Urbervilles
  • Hammett, Dashiell – The Maltese Falcon
  • Hawthorne, Nathaniel – The Scarlet Letter
  • Heyer, Georgette – The Black Moth
  • Hugo, Victor – Les Misérables
  • Jacobs, Harriet – Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
  • James, Henry – Daisy Miller and Washington Square
  • Lewis, Sinclair – Main Street
  • London, Jack – The Call of the Wild and White Fang
  • Montgomery, Lucy Maud – Anne of Green Gables (p) (04/20/2014)
  • Northup, Solomon – Twelve Years a Slave
  • Orwell, George – Nineteen Eighty-Four (11/30/2014)
  • Porter, Eleanor H. – Pollyanna
  • Rostand, Edmond – Cyrano de Bergerac
  • Sayers, Dorothy L. – Whose Body?
  • Sewell, Anna – Black Beauty
  • Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein
  • Spyri, Johanna – Heidi
  • Steinbeck, John – The Grapes of Wrath
  • Stevenson, D.E. – Miss Buncle’s Book
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Stoker, Bram – Dracula
  • Thackeray, William Makepeace – Vanity Fair
  • Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Tolstoy, Leo – Anna Karenina
  • Trollope, Anthony – The Chronicles of Barsetshire
  • Twain, Mark – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Verne, Jules – Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Waugh, Evelyn – Brideshead Revisited
  • Wells, H.G. – The Time Machine
  • Wharton, Edith – The Age of Innocence


  1. Welcome to the club! If you're interested, 2 classics club members are currently hosting a readalong of The Chronicles of Barsetshire, which is on your list. Here's more info...

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out. :)