ARC Status: Not Currently Accepting - unless it is an author/series/subject I am familiar with

Review Policy

  • I do not buy/review/accept books that are only available through one store. 
  • All reviews here are my own words and honest. 
  • I can not promise to give a positive review. I will not remove or change a neutral or negative review. If this is not something you can accept, please do not contact me.  
  • I do sometimes receive and review ARCs/galleys. All of these will be clearly labeled in the review. I do not receive any compensation for these nor do I let it influence my rating.
  • I post abbreviated reviews on goodreads and leafmarks with a link to the full review. I will not post a review on Amazon unless you have less than 20 reviews.

Formats Accepted

  • I only accept ebooks for review.
  • For novels: I only accept .epub and .mobi*. I no longer accept .pdfs. 
  • For graphic novels, cookbooks, craft books, and children's picture books: .epub preferred, but will accept .mobi and .pdf.
  • Any ebooks I receive will only be uploaded onto my (and possibly my daughter's) ereader. Ebooks received through Adobe Digital Editions will only be uploaded through ADE. If you are kind enough to give me a DRM free copy, rest assured, I will not give it away or upload it online anywhere. 
  • *If I receive an ebook in .mobi format, I will be converting it to .epub through calibre. No exceptions
  • Contact: herfreereads [at] gmail [dot] com


  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Steampunk
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Noir/Hard-Boiled
  • Historical Fiction
  • Middle Grade
  • Contemporary
  • Women's Fiction 
  • Chick-Lit

NOT Preferred

"Don't Call Me, I'll Call You"
I do sometimes read these, but I am very picky and like to choose them on my own. There are a whole plethora of adults who enjoy and actively seek these books, I'd prefer not to be contacted about them. If I have contacted you about a book that falls into any of the following categories, it means I am very interested in it
  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Self-published
  • Historical Fiction with overly modern sensibilities
  • Love Triangles
  • Erotica
  • Religious
  • Political

A Note About Children's Books

I have a 7 year old daughter and a 1 year old son.


My daughter enjoys reading and has her own ereader. Any middle grade book I receive for review, I may pass onto her.
Please keep in mind that while I do plan on allowing my daughter to have her own reviews (in addition to mine) on this blog - she will only be reviewing books at both my and her own discretion. I will not promise you a review from her.

She doesn't read any book that does not have a female protagonist. She reads most genres, but her favorites are Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Contemporary. She does not like sad, scary, or overly violent books.


My son enjoys being read to, but as of yet has not shown a great preference for any specific books. He likes bright colors and things with animals.
No longer reviewing picture books. 


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