ARC Status: Accepting, but on a case to case basis.

Review Policy

  • I do not buy/review/accept books that are only available through one store. 
  • All reviews here are my own words and honest. 
  • I can not promise to give a positive review. I will not remove or change a neutral or negative review. If this is not something you can accept, please do not contact me.  
  • I do sometimes receive and review ARCs/galleys. All of these will be clearly labeled in the review. I do not receive any compensation for these nor do I let it influence my rating.
  • I post abbreviated reviews on goodreads with a link to the full review.
  • Unless specifically requested, I will not post a review to Amazon unless the book has under 20 reviews. 
  • I will not post to any other book seller site unless specifically requested. 

Formats Accepted

  • I only accept ebooks for review.
  • For novels: I only accept .epub and .mobi*. I no longer accept .pdfs. 
  • Graphic novels, cookbooks, craft books, and children's picture books: No longer accepting.
  • Any ebooks I receive will only be uploaded onto my ereader. Ebooks received through Adobe Digital Editions will only be uploaded through ADE. If you are kind enough to give me a DRM free copy, rest assured, I will not give it away or upload it online anywhere. 
  • *If I receive an ebook in .mobi format, I will be converting it to .epub through calibre. No exceptions
  • Contact: herfreereads [at] gmail [dot] com


  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Steampunk
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Noir/Hard-Boiled
  • Historical Fiction
  • Middle Grade
  • Chick-Lit

NOT Preferred

"Don't Call Me, I'll Call You"
I do sometimes read these, but I am very picky and like to choose them on my own. There are a whole plethora of adults who enjoy and actively seek these books, I'd prefer not to be contacted about them. If I have contacted you about a book that falls into any of the following categories, it means I am very interested in it
  • Young Adult
  • Self-published
  • Historical Fiction with overly modern sensibilities

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